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PWAN Plus Boss Clinches 2023 Top PWAN Group’s MD Awards

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In the grandeur of the prestigious Eko Hotels & Suites, Lagos, the spotlight shone brightly on Professor Julius Oyedemi, Managing Director of PWAN Plus, as he clinched the 2023 Most Outstanding PWAN Group MD award.

This accolade marks a consecutive triumph for Oyedemi, who also got the same honour in 2022. However, the triumph did not stop there, as PWAN Plus, under his astute leadership, received all five top positions at the 2023 PWAN Group annual Awards.
PWAN Plus, an entity within the PWAN Group, was lauded as the Top PWAN Company for 2023, with subsidiaries such as PWAN Perfection and PWAN Lighthouse contributing to this sweeping victory. This remarkable achievement underscores the dedication and vision of Prof. Oyedemi, whose commitment to excellence has propelled PWAN Plus to the zenith of success.

In a statement following the awards ceremony, President/CEO of PWAN Group, Dr. Jayne Onwumere, praised the exemplary performance of the winners, emphasizing the rigorous competition they faced. She particularly commended Prof. Oyedemi for surpassing expectations, citing his ambitious targets and unwavering determination.
Her words: “A year before this awards, the eventual winner, Dr. Oyedemi had come to me and said he would cart home the top five positions this year (2024). I encouraged him, and true to his optimism of N10 billion investment target, he even surpassed the target.”

While congratulating the winners, the President however advised them not to drop the ball, saying, “I remember in 2018, somebody became an ambassador in PWAN and was told not to let it end with him. It ended with the person. Next year, I want to see new directors and affiliates.”
Also contributing, the Group Chairman, Dr. Augustine Onwumere, commended the courage and tenacity of Prof. Oyedemi.
He also advised other affiliates to work harder so they can achieve the same feat this year.

According to him, “let us emulate what Oyedemi has achieved. “Particularly, we should all learn how to become great and outstanding MDs”.
Reflecting on the secret to his success, Prof. Oyedemi attributed it to a customer-centric approach.

He emphasized the importance of listening to customers’ needs and delivering on their expectations, thereby ensuring satisfaction and loyalty.

He said: “I am simply doing what my customers want; not what I want. We are in an industry where customers want to be treated well. We are in an industry where customers want to get their allocation; customers want the estates to be developed; customers want adequate updates, communication on their investments.”

“So, these are the basic things we are doing that have kept us on top – listening to the details of our customers and making sure that we work according to what they want.
“Last year was good for us because we had to do what the customers want. This ethos has not only distinguished PWAN Plus but has also cemented its position as an industry leader”.

Looking ahead, PWAN Plus Business Concerns Limited gears up to celebrate its seventh anniversary in Asaba, the Delta State capital. This milestone celebration coincides with Prof. Oyedemi’s birthday, adding an extra layer of significance to the festivities.

As Prof. Oyedemi eloquently expressed, this occasion serves as a moment of gratitude and reflection, acknowledging the transformative impact of their endeavors.
“Our seventh anniversary is actually a moment of celebration and thanksgiving; looking at the awesomeness of God. It is indeed amazing that within the space of seven months, we can find ourselves in a new location and many lives have been turned around; many realtors are now billionaires, people who cannot boast of thousands of naira are now millionaires.
“People who had no means of transportation, means of movement now own cars. People who were homeless now have a place they call home,” he explained.

The upcoming celebration in Asaba promises to be a joyous occasion, marked by generosity and gratitude. Prof. Oyedemi has pledged to distribute cars as tokens of appreciation, exemplifying his commitment to giving back to the community and spreading joy. It stands as a proof of his benevolence and the spirit of abundance that permeates PWAN Plus.

“The seventh anniversary for me is a moment of thanking God. It’s a time of thanking God. What a mighty God, because it is one thing for God to say ‘move to another location you will prosper’ and it’s another thing for you to find that fulfilment coming to pass.

“If you go round today, you will see smiles on the faces of realtors in Asaba. So, it will be very wrong of me to take the party away from them, they deserve it. It’s a moment of celebrating our achievement in the last year

“There will be lots of gifts, thanksgiving, fun, and I will be marking my birthday on that day. Personally, I am giving out cars to people I don’t know. I just want to be a blessing to many people. I am thanking God, the chief pilot of this vision, for what he has done for and for my clients,” Oyedemi said.
Prof. Oyedemi’s remarkable achievements epitomize the spirit of innovation, resilience, and service excellence. As he continues to lead PWAN Plus to greater heights, his legacy of success serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and industry leaders alike. In a world driven by visionaries like Prof. Oyedemi, the possibilities are boundless, and the future is bright for PWAN Plus and its affiliates.

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