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Oyedemi Reigns As 2023’s Real Estate Humanitarian Of The Year

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In a momentous event that sparkled with honour and inspiration, Dr. Julius Oyedemi, the esteemed Executive Director of Sales and Marketing at the renowned PWAN Group, added yet another illustrious feather to his cap. He was crowned the Real Estate Humanitarian Personality of the Year for 2023.

The spotlight shone brightly on Ambassador Oyedemi amid a gathering of remarkable persons and honours, all of whom have illuminated the lives of countless Nigerians through their compassion and unshakable dedication.

This outstanding award was presented to him at the illustrious Nigeria Philanthropy Awards (NPA), a magnificent yearly event staged by Unabashed Media LTD and held at the prominent Nigerian National Merit Award House in Maitama, Abuja.

The noble purpose of the Nigeria Philanthropy Award, according to Ambassador Emmanuel Oko, Principal Partner of NPA, is to pay tribute to exceptional Nigerian philanthropists, champions of good governance, advocates for positive change, leaders who shape policies, and those who practice corporate social responsibility. The purpose of the award ceremony was to thrill, inform, and inspire via incredible stories of accomplishments by those who have selflessly dedicated themselves to the development of society’s most vulnerable.

Ambassador Oyedemi, MD/CEO of PWAN PLUS, the proud owners of Cedarwood Luxury & Heartland Estates, accepted this prestigious award in the presence of luminaries such as Nasarawa State’s Executive Governor. The evening was a wonderful monument to the amazing influence that generosity and community service can have on a single person.

Under Ambassador Oyedemi’s imaginative leadership, PWAN PLUS has gone beyond the conventional definition of a real estate corporation. It has evolved into a powerful tool for uplifting host communities, assisting the underserved and underprivileged, empowering the vulnerable, and contributing to the nation’s and humanity’s general development.

For many years, Dr. Oyedemi has proved his unwavering commitment to philanthropy by devoting a significant percentage of his financial resources, technical skills, and intellectual brilliance to serving Nigeria’s less privileged and underprivileged. His passion has brought hope where it was before lacking and has impacted many lives.

Mr. Simeon Umar and Rejoice Alabi, two of the company’s directors, took the stage to accept the award on Ambassador Oyedemi’s behalf.

They emphasised that in the view of Ambassador Oyedemi, real estate is more than just a vehicle for wealth and personal gain; it is also a vehicle for societal transformation and community improvement. This novel approach to real estate has established a new industry standard by combining business acumen with a great sense of social responsibility.

The message was obvious and loud as the curtains gently closed on the 2023 Nigeria Philanthropy Award. Ambassador Oyedemi’s humanitarian efforts and unique real estate ideas have set an encouraging example for others. His determination to use his success to help others in need exemplifies the deep transformational impact of generosity.

The NPA has not only honoured an outstanding individual; it has also sparked a national attitude of generosity and compassion. Ambassador Oyedemi’s impact will definitely inspire and strengthen communities for future generations.

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