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Real estate sector pivotal for growth in Delta – Surveyor-General

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The second edition of the Akara Oku Comedy and Award Night unfolded as a spectacle of jubilation, gratification, and substantial rewards, as Professor Julius Oyedemi, Group Executive Director (Sales & Marketing) of PWAN Group, presented seven SUV cars to commendable real estate marketers, affectionately known as PWAN Business Owners (PBOs).

The radiant night hosted esteemed figures like the Surveyor-General of Delta State, Mr Chukwuemeka Eboka, who reaffirmed the government’s commitment to bolstering the real estate sector. In his address, Eboka emphasized the sector’s pivotal role in the state’s growth, urging adherence to established policies while inviting entrepreneurs to venture into real estate, heralding it as a flourishing investment.

“I have gone round to see some of the estates that Dr. Julius has. We went around some of them and he took time to make his selections and I just marvelled at what he was doing,” said Mr. Eboka, highlighting the quality and dedication evident in PWAN’s developments.

The Chairman of PWAN Group, Dr. Augustine Onwumere, in acknowledgment, praised PWAN as a dependable cornerstone in real estate, applauding the government and stakeholders for their unwavering support, crucial in fostering an enabling environment for real estate enterprises.

The convener of Akara Oku, Professor Julius Oyedemi, underscored PWAN’s indispensable role in rejuvenating the real estate landscape in Asaba and environs. He lauded the Akara Oku Comedy/Award Night as a platform to express gratitude to partners and clients while advocating for real estate as a prime industry in today’s market.

The endorsement of PWAN’s impact extended to the local councils of Oshimili North and South, where council Chairmen praised PWAN for transforming their communities. The Executive Chairman of Oshimili North, Esewesie expressed gratitude for PWAN’s contribution in revitalizing regions once plagued by security challenges, transforming them into bustling construction hubs, igniting economic growth and opportunities.

The resounding testimonies echoed the profound impact of PWAN Group’s initiatives, not merely in gifting cars but in revitalizing communities, fortifying economies, and providing avenues for employment and security.

As the night concluded, it left an indelible mark, not just with the gleam of new SUVs but with the promise of prosperity and progress sown by PWAN’s steadfast commitment to the real estate landscape in Delta State.

The Akara Oku event wasn’t just a celebration; it was a testament to the transformative power of partnership, dedication, and visionary leadership in shaping communities and driving economic growth in Delta State.

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