How Oyedemi’s Heartland Smart Housing, Resort spiked scramble for a piece of land at Asaba

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How Oyedemi’s Heartland Smart Housing, Resort spiked scramble for a piece of land at Asaba

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It’s common knowledge that, there’s been a switch in demand for land from the booming Onitsha business district to Asaba, the Delta state capital city.

Property analysts say that the development is triggered by increasing demand for the less congested neighbourhood of Asaba; and its proximity to Onitsha, which business-minded people consider equally strategic.

While the development is quite predictable, it goes without saying that; it isn’t at all a miracle seeing competing firms in Nigeria’s burgeoning real estate space now honouring the emerging commercial hub of Asaba with a dedicated presence.

However, if you are one of those people, who are still wondering why the finest hotels, clubhouses, restaurants, apartment houses, pubs, and other developments are sprouting all over the city. That’s not difficult to decipher.

Naturally, no serious-minded businessman or woman can afford to look away or shun the abundant and juicy opportunities that beacons right in the city of Asaba. No; every good businessman and woman would respond to the source of stimuli, at least, to get a bite of their own fair share of the goodies.

Not quite long ago, PWAN Plus Business Concerns Ltd., a member of Nigeria’s leading real estate conglomerate, Property World Africa Network otherwise known as PWAN Group, discovered that property enthusiasts do not just want to abode in the abundant virgin lands in Asaba. They also desire a place where they can have a total experience and more of those things that make life worth living.

PWAN Plus has been contributing tremendously, populating the skylines of different states of the federation with state-of-the-art estates. A recent survey of the company’s activities revealed that the inroad, which the firm has made in the past five years remains the envy of its competitors.

Known for quality and affordability; and big on innovation, PWAN Plus, owners of the popular Cedarwood brand of luxury homes and apartments, decided to raise the bar.

Having identified with the cheerful business atmosphere in the delta state capital, PWAN Plus went ahead to introduce the Heartland Estate series. Successfully allocating plots to all the subscribers to Heartland Estates phases 1, 2, and 3, PWAN Plus became the first real estate developer to ever conquer allocation issues, which has long proved a major headache to development firms.

But that isn’t the gist of the moment. The real gist is that it has again blazed the trail, emerging as the first developer to introduce a smart city and a housing resort in the city of Asaba.

Speaking with our correspondent, the innovative Managing Director of PWAN Plus, Ambassador (Dr.) Julius Oyedemi disclosed that ahead of the ground-breaking scheduled for Saturday (today), lovers of luxury homes are already falling head over toes, to buy a plot in the Asaba Heartland Smart Estate as well as Heartland Smart Housing Resort.

He explained: “As we move from city to city in what looks like an estate-founding spree, we have decided to go a notch higher with the introduction of the Heartland Smart City by Cedarwood.”

According to Ambassador Oyedemi, the idea is to promote technology base estates in the city of Asaba. “When we begin to contribute to making Asaba a smart hub by building smart estates, the city, and Delta State will also become a smart one,” Oyedemi added.

He explained that Heartland Smart City will feature amenities such as WiFi Park, tech hub/co-work space, unisex salon & spa, fitness center, cafeteria, and other facilities that make life enjoyable.

“It’s going to be one of the best liveable. The best thing anybody can do is to invest in the property because it’s all in suit smart estate, with beautiful designs, and aesthetics ambiance,” Oyedemi explained.

Invariably, it comes with Heartland Housing Resort by Cedarwood. When we talk about a Resort, it has to do an environment with natural flavour. Everyone who loves Asaba or will come to love the city can have a complete experience while going about their day-to-day life,” the real estate guru further said.

He added: “In Heartland Housing Resort, we are going to have things like mini-golf, artificial lake, mini-zoo, different games, and more. Our target is to build contemporary mini-estate, where people can enjoy life and have everything at their disposal,” Oyedemi further explained.

On this basis however, it was reliably gathered that the Asaba Heartland Housing Resort offers an airport view and is strategically located on Okpanam axis. It’s excellent blend of holidaying and residency capabilities makes it a perfect choice for every lover of nature.

“Before now, we have enjoyed a very resounding outing in Asaba. We have been able to revolutionise how real estate is being done both within the PWAN Group and generally.

“We can pride ourselves as the first real estate company to allocate plots to clients within 24 hours. Our allocation is now as seamless as possible; and we want to make noise about that,” Barr. Rejoice Alabi, Executive Assistant to the MD said.

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