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The real estate sector is a sub-sector of Nigeria economy where the energetic and young Nigerians are now moving for big investments. It is a place where opportunities lie everywhere for everyone who see the potential in the sector.  This week, City People would be talking and analysing young players in their thirties who are making good impact. Below are some of them.

Julius Oyedemi: he was a few weeks ago named the Managing Director of PWAN Homes, but before then he’s been the Managing Director, PWAN Plus. He’s one of the most energetic youngest real estate players in Nigeria. Mr Julius Olaniyi Oyedemi MCIPDM is a quintessential, ebullient, energetic, affable, amiable, smart, creative, innovative and highly vast & versatile man who has cut his teeth in the real estate sector. He oversees one of the forward-moving affiliates of the PWAN Group- PWAN PLUS as the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director.

Mr Julius, an engineer by training, has added several professional feathers to his cache of knowledge. He is a member of the Chartered Institute of Public Diplomacy and Management and has attended several businesses, management and leadership courses at the famous and prestigious Lagos Business School. Mr Julius is a seasoned business development, sales and marketing strategist who therewith continues to steer the ship of PWAN PLUS into sustained market dominance and relevance.

Mr Julius has in his official and personal capacity won several awards for his innovation, excellence and impact in the real estate’s sector such as the Nigerian Property Merit Award & Real Estate Excellence Award 2017 as well as the Nigerian Real Estate Industry and African Child Prize for Impacting the Nigerian Child through Real Estate, to mention but a few. He recently won the 2018 Real Estate Excellence Award for the Most Enterprising Managing Director of the Year.

Mr Julius, in his less than a two-year stint as the MD/CEO of PWAN PLUS, has provided high value programs and strategic initiatives that have bolstered business and replenished revenue. Suffice it to say that it is an open secret that Mr Julius has in his humble capacity brought a lot of value to the PWAN Group and specifically PWAN PLUS. Presently, PWAN PLUS has about 12 top-prime estates in Lagos and Imo States and enjoys massive patronage and loyalty from clients and consultants. He’s in his 30s and he does look his age.

Also falls in that category of excellent and young real estate players in their thirties is Mr Olawale Ayilara of LandWey Investment.

Olawale Ayilara (born 8 August 1988) is a Nigerian businessman, investor, and real-estate entrepreneur, popularly known as the founder and CEO of Landwey Investment Limited.[1] Olawale began his entrepreneurial journey right from a very young age trying his hands on several businesses before finding his oil in the real estate sector. This earned him a spot on Africa’s Forbes 30 Under 30 (Business) list in 2018 amongst other achievements.


In 2016, Olawale founded Landwey Investment Limited, a Real Estate Investing company with zero capital. Today, the company boast of over 22,000 realtors and consultants and over 2 billion in assets. In 2017, Landwey won the most promising real estate company of the year award at the City People Real Estate Award.[5] On 19 August 2019, Landwey announced that it had acquired a quarter stake in an online platform for funding real estate projects.[6] This came shortly after its partnership with Piggyvest (Nigeria’s largest online savings and investing platform) to introduce Landvest.

Prince Adedayo Alex Bankole Kehinde, who is the Managing Director of KAB Construction.

Kehinde Alex Bankole, a business magnate with vast experience in Construction and Real Estate Management steered the wheels of the Lekki Court Estate for several years that has today matured into a billion Naira diversified industry.KAB Constructions Limited over the years has grown to become unarguably one of the major giants in the real estate industry in Nigeria, with many monumental edifices to its credit.

His vast experience in Construction and Real Estate created the opportunity maximized with the partnership in the Lekki Gardens project, where he emerged the youngest contractor; Lekki Court Estates; Olabisi Onabanjo University Medical Hostel, Lecture Theatre of Federal University, Oye.

As the founder of the Aransiola Foundation that caters for the less privileged, his impact in his home State has him as a pillar replicating his love for the indigent children of the State.

With several awards and recognitions home and abroad, Honorable Bankole has his impact in volumes of lives touched. He stands as one of the many real estate players, contributing immensely to the growth of the housing sector for the comfort and affordability of the masses.

Kehinde Alex Bankole sits as the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of KAB Constructions, even as he remains highly courted and sort after architect in the real estate space of Nigeria; with many multi-national organizations on the company’s clientele.

Another make waving player to look out for is Grace Ofure. She is an award-winning real estate portfolio consultant who manages real estate industry from Landowners to buyers and investors.

She is a great speaker who is passionate and enthusiastic about building young entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

Ms. Kirah Kareem is the Founder/CEO of WHITEROSE PROPERTIES AND INTERIOR LIMITED, who’s doing well, a leading real estate company in Nigeria which has an unarguable reputation of replicating success and delivering best practices in real estate to its vast clients for over a decade.

At Whiterose Properties, Ms. Kirah Kareem ensures a translation of strategic vision into profitable operations which has seen the growth of the company since inception. Indeed, Ms. Kirah Kareem has a high proficiency in effective problem-solving and decision making; she understands the essentials of entrepreneurship. Bolanle Ogidan is the founder of McDedict Homes. It’s a registered company specialized in real estate and developments, involved in the sales of houses and lands in various parts of Lekki and its environment. Equipped with an experienced team with vast expertise, we understand the requirements of our business, corporate and government policies. We simplify the process of house ownership and development.We provide quality services and highest standards of technical support. We believe in possibilities. A dream home for all.

Another female who is doing well is Ichechi Okonkwo. The beautiful lady is in the beautiful wife of Lagos property titan, Mr Kennedy Okonkwo. Mrs Ichechi is the founder of Laundry King and CEO Dream Estate Limited, located in Lekki axis. She’s currently doing well. She handles some of the multimillion projects of her husband. And she’s doing well in that regard. Her husband is the CEO of Nedcomoaks Limited, a foremost property development company. Mrs Ichechi’s property company is also doing well by providing necessary information on where to buy good houses in the Lekki axis.

Another big name is Dr Ololade Abuta, the MD/CEO of Gracias Gardens, a subsidiary of Gracias Group. Her real estate firm is one of the leading real estate firms in Lagos in 2020. Dr Ololade started her career as an actress (Yoruba movies). She featured in a few movies and produced 2 movies MADARU 2008 and OGIRI 2010. She switched to buying and selling, she owned a Wine shop on Aladelola Street Ketu, Lagos and Adekunle Banjo Street Magodo in 2011/2013. She also owned a fashion store on Association Avenue, Magodo in 2012/2014. Dr Ololade is an entrepreneur. She is one of the fast-rising Real Estate Gurus in Nigeria.


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